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AC — Series: Knowing Christ     Podcast feed: Audio RSS (MP3): Series: Knowing Christ
1-AC 01-05-2020SS Knowing Christ Ephesians 1     
The Church and the Trinity Dr. John Custis
2-AC 01-12-2020SS Knowing Christ Ephesians 2     
The Church and the Sinner Dr. John Custis
3-AC 01-19-2020SS Knowing Christ Ephesians 3     
The Church and the Eternal Purpose of God Dr. John Custis
4-AC 01-26-2020SS Knowing Christ Ephesians 4     
The Duty of the Church: Unity and Holiness Dr. John Custis
5-AC 02-02-2020SS Knowing Christ Ephesians 5:1-6:9     
The Duty of the Church: Love and Wisdom Dr. John Custis
6-AC 02-09-2020SS Knowing Christ Ephesians 6:10-24     
The Defense of the Church Mr. Joe O'Banion
7-AC 02-16-2020SS Knowing Christ Philippians 1     
Christ Magnified in Me Mr. Aaron Kryger
8-AC 02-23-2020SS Knowing Christ Philippians 2     
Christ's Mind in Me Mr. Aaron Kryger
9-AC 03-01-2020SS Knowing Christ Philippians 3     
Christ's Righteousness in Me Mr. Aaron Kryger
10-AC 03-08-2020SS Knowing Christ Philippians 4     
Christ, Sufficient for Me Mr. Aaron Kryger
11-AC 04-05-2020SS Knowing Christ Colossians 1     
The Preeminence of Christ Dr. John Custis
12-AC 04-06-2020SS Knowing Christ Colossians 2     
Distractions from Christ Dr. John Custis
14-AC 04-09-2020SS Knowing Christ Colossians 3-4     
13: Life in Christ -- and -- 14: A Community in Christ Dr. John Custis
15-AC 04-12-2020SS Knowing Christ Philemon     
An Intercessory Epistle Mr. Aaron Kryger
16-AC 04-19-2020SS Knowing Christ I Peter 1:1-2:12     
A Living Hope Dr. John Custis
17-AC 04-26-2020SS Knowing Christ I Peter 2:13-3:12     
Submitting in Hope Dr. John Custis
18-AC 05-03-2020SS Knowing Christ I Peter 3:13-4:19     
Suffering in Hope Dr. John Custis
19-AC 05-10-2020SS Knowing Christ I Peter 5     
Serving in Hope Dr. John Custis
20-AC 05-17-2020SS Knowing Christ II Peter 1     
Knowing God Mr. Aaron Kryger
21-AC 05-24-2020SS Knowing Christ II Peter 2     
Springs Without Water Mr. Aaron Kryger
22-AC 05-31-2020SS Knowing Christ II Peter 3     
The Promise of His Coming Mr. Aaron Kryger
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