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Originally adopted August, 1982
Revised November, 1998
The name of this organization shall be Trinity Bible Church of Portland, Oregon, as shown in the Articles of Incorporation, February 6, 1981.
We associate ourselves together as a local church, being a part of the universal Church, the Body of Christ, in order to glorify God through worship, fellowship, Bible teaching and evangelism.
The membership shall consist of any person of like faith who believes in Jesus Christ alone for salvation, who purposes to live according to the Word of God and who regularly attends the meetings of the church. All such members enjoy the privileges and responsibilities afforded them as members of the Body of Christ in a local fellowship according to Scripture and as described in this Constitution.
This local church will be served by the two Biblical positions of Elder and Deacon. These men are to serve with a sense that they shall give an account of this stewardship to our Lord Jesus Christ. They are to serve in accordance with the pattern set by our Lord Who loved us and gave Himself for us. They shall direct the congregation to the Lord Jesus Christ by instruction from the Word of God and as living examples of Christ.
QUALIFICATIONS: Elders shall be members of Trinity Bible Church, in agreement with its Constitution and Statement of Faith, and meet the requirements indicated in Scripture.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Elders shall shepherd this local church, with their primary responsibility being to oversee its spiritual well-being.
APPOINTMENT: Elders shall be responsible for choosing additional elders. They shall serve as long as their desire, ability, and qualifications are consistent with the duties of their office.
AUTHORITY: Elders shall have authority in all areas of church ministry, to determine the specific directions and policies of the church.
ORGANIZATION: The Elders shall recognize one Elder who shall function as the pastor of the church. The Elders shall organize themselves by selecting from among themselves a chairman and a secretary. These two officers shall also serve as the legal officers of the corporation according to State requirements. The secretary shall maintain an accurate record of all meetings of the Elders, and other meetings of the church, as required by State law. Decisions shall be implemented only upon unanimous consent of the Elders.
QUALIFICATIONS: Deacons shall be members of Trinity Bible Church, in agreement with its Constitution and Statement of Faith, and shall meet the requirements indicated in Scripture.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Deacons shall minister to the people of Trinity Bible Church with special concern for their physical needs, and shall administer the material and financial affairs of the church.
APPOINTMENT: Elections shall be held when the need arises. Members college age and over shall submit by secret ballot names of men qualified to be Deacons, listing as many names as there are positions to be filled. The ballots shall be counted by the Elders, and those men receiving the most votes, and meeting the qualifications as determined by the Elders, shall be asked to serve. Deacons shall serve as long as their desire, qualifications and ability are consistent with the duties of their office.
AUTHORITY: Deacons are under the authority of the Elders in matters of church policy and practice.
ORGANIZATION: Deacons shall select a chairman to preside over meetings and assure coordination with the elders, and a secretary to keep an accurate record of their meetings. Decisions shall be implemented with unanimous consent.
An Annual Meeting of the members shall be held at such time and place as the Elders shall announce at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. This meeting shall be for the purpose of giving thanks for the blessings of the previous year and satisfying the requirements of State law as a non-profit corporation. Regular meetings shall include services for worship, ministry of the Word, and prayer.
Special meetings shall be convened at the discretion of the Elders for discussion of church affairs.
The distribution of assets on dissolution or final liquidation will be in accordance with State law and to evangelical organizations selected by the Elders.
The Elders are responsible to draw up and maintain a Statement of Faith. It shall represent the position of the Elders and Deacons on major doctrines of Scripture. Changes will be made only after diligent and prayerful study of the Scriptures, and with the unanimous approval of the Elders and the Deacons.
This constitution may be replaced or amended when the need for such a change is recognized by the Elders and with the knowledge and consent of the church members.
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