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GS-BRJE 08-18-1991AM Guest Speaker Psalm 1     
What Do You Think About? Dr. Jerry Bridges
GS-BRJE 08-18-1991PM Guest Speaker II Kings 17     
Giving By Faith Dr. Jerry Bridges
08-23-1998AM 1998 Summer Family Camp Isaiah 6:1-8     
The Holiness of God Dr. Jerry Bridges
08-23-1998PM 1998 Summer Family Camp Ephesians 6:10-18     
Spiritual Warfare Dr. Jerry Bridges
04-23-2000AM 2000 Spring Bible Conference Romans 4:24-25     
The Resurrection of Christ Dr. Jerry Bridges
GS-FEPA 05-29-2005AM Guest Speaker Philippians 1:21     
Christ, My Life Dr. Paul W. Felix
GS-CUJO 06-19-2005PM Guest Speaker Hebrews 2:14-18     
Glory Through Death Dr. John Custis
GS-UCHI 06-26-2005AM Guest Speaker Ephesians 6:1-4     
Children Obey Your Parents, Parents Obey Your Father Dr. Mat Uchiyama
GS-HAYE 06-26-2005PM Guest Speaker Genesis 3:15     
The First Promise Mr. Dennis Hayes
GS-CUGA 07-31-2005PM Guest Speaker Psalm 62     
Installation Service of Will Custis Pastor Gary W. Custis
GS-JOLE 08-21-2005PM Guest Speaker Hebrews 3:1-6     
Consider Jesus Mr. Lee Johnston
GS-WIER 09-18-2005PM Guest Speaker I Corinthians 11:23-30     
Remembering Whose You Are Mr. Jim Wierson
GS-TUSS 10-16-2005PM Guest Speaker Matthew 27:45-54     
Confidence in the Death of Christ Mr. John E. Tuss
GS-LOCK 11-20-2005PM Guest Speaker John 16:16-24     
Sorrow to Joy Dr. Darrell Lockwood
GS-FEMA 12-09-2005pm Guest Speaker Ruth     
Rejoicing with Ruth Mrs. Marlean Felix
GS-UCHI 01-15-2006PM Guest Speaker Hebrews 12:1-13     
Jesus and Chastisement Dr. Mat Uchiyama
GS-JOLE 03-19-2006PM Guest Speaker John 1:29-36     
Behold the Lamb of God Mr. Lee Johnston
GS-PENT 04-09-2006AM Guest Speaker Romans 8:28-39     
His Image - My Image Pastor Benjamin Pent
GS-TUSS 05-21-2006PM Guest Speaker Galatians 6:14     
The Cross is Our Only Glory Mr. John E. Tuss
GS-CUJO 07-16-2006PM Guest Speaker Galatians 2:20     
Crucified with Christ Dr. John Custis
GS-JOLE 07-23-2006PM Guest Speaker James 1:1-12     
Trials of Faith Mr. Lee Johnston
GS-HAYE 08-20-2006PM Guest Speaker Luke 23:44-47     
The Seventh Cry Mr. Dennis Hayes
GS-JAFR 08-27-2006AM Guest Speaker Psalm 46     
Our Mighty Fortress Dr. Frank James, III
GS-UCHI 09-17-2006PM Guest Speaker John 16:32-33; Psalm 110     
Our Lord's Ministry, Death and Reign Dr. Mat Uchiyama
GS-LOCK 11-19-2006PM Guest Speaker John 19:17-30     
The Word Speaks from His Cross Dr. Darrell Lockwood
GS-DURK 12-17-2006PM Guest Speaker Psalm 31:21     
He Has Made Marvelous His Lovingkindness Mr. Dale Durkee
GS-REAY 12-31-2006AM Guest Speaker Psalm 37     
Certainty for Uncertain Times Mr. Brad Reay
GS-HAYE 01-07-2007PM Guest Speaker II Timothy 2:8-15     
Motives for Faithfulness Mr. Dennis Hayes
GS-JOLE 01-21-2007PM Guest Speaker John 1:4-5;...     
Light and Understanding Mr. Lee Johnston
GS-HUTI 03-25-2007AM Guest Speaker Genesis 1:26-31     
The Remarkable Similarities Between the First and Second Creations Pastor Tim Huggins
GS-WIER 04-22-2007PM Guest Speaker I Corinthians 11; Matthew 26     
In Meditation on the Mediation of God's Memorials Mr. Jim Wierson
GS-BYST 05-13-2007PM Guest Speaker Psalm 107:8     
God is Good: A Theological Perspective Mr. Ron Bystrom
GS-REAY 06-17-2007PM Guest Speaker Selected Scriptures     
Behold the Lamb Mr. Brad Reay
GS-UCHI 06-24-2007PM Guest Speaker Matthew 5:3     
The Practice of Humility Dr. Mat Uchiyama
GS-LOCK 07-01-2007PM Guest Speaker Hebrews 4:12     
The Awesome Word of God Dr. Darrell Lockwood
GS-JOLE 07-15-2007PM Guest Speaker I John 2:1     
Jesus Christ Our Advocate Mr. Lee Johnston
08-19-2007AM 2007 Summer Family Camp II Corinthians 5:21     
The Gospel of Grace Dr. Jerry Bridges
GS-TUSS 08-26-2007PM Guest Speaker Romans 5:6-11     
"While We Were Yet Sinners, Christ Died for Us" Mr. John E. Tuss
GS-DURK 09-23-2007PM Guest Speaker Luke 22:31-34,54-62     
The Lord Jesus Christ Holds On To Peter Mr. Dale Durkee
GS-SPAF 10-21-2007PM Guest Speaker Romans 14:9     
To This End Christ Died Mr. Kelly Spafford
GS-CUJO 11-18-2007PM Guest Speaker Galatians 1:3-5     
Deliverance from this Present Evil Age Dr. John Custis
GS-LOCK 12-16-2007PM Guest Speaker John 6:24-69     
The Bread of Life Dr. Darrell Lockwood
GS-CUGA 12-31-2007pm Guest Speaker     
New Year's Eve Service Pastor Gary W. Custis
GS-WIER 01-20-2008PM Guest Speaker I Corinthians 11:23-30;...     
The Mystery of Holy Engagement Mr. Jim Wierson
GS-HAYE 02-17-2008PM Guest Speaker Psalm 32     
The Joy of Forgiveness Mr. Dennis Hayes
GS-UCHI 03-23-2008PM Guest Speaker John 13:1-17     
The Humility of Love ? The Love of Jesus Dr. Mat Uchiyama
GS-JOLE 05-18-2008PM Guest Speaker I John 1:1-4     
Eternal Life Mr. Lee Johnston
GS-BELL 06-15-2008PM Guest Speaker John 3:1-18     
John 3:16 for Believers Mr. Larry Bell
GS-BYST 07-13-2008PM Guest Speaker Psalm 19     
Reveling in God's Revelation Mr. Ron Bystrom
GS-LOCK 07-20-2008PM Guest Speaker Psalm 111     
"He sent redemption unto His people" Dr. Darrell Lockwood
GS-DURK 08-03-2008PM Guest Speaker Psalm 42     
Thirsting for God, the Living God Mr. Dale Durkee
GS-REAY 08-10-2008PM Guest Speaker Hebrews 4:16     
Draw Near to the Throne of Grace Mr. Brad Reay
08-20-2008pm 2008 Summer Family Camp Selected Scriptures     
Summary of Research on R.A.T.E. Project Dr. Steven W. Boyd
08-21-2008pm 2008 Summer Family Camp Selected Scriptures     
Preview of Research on F.A.S.T. Project Dr. Steven W. Boyd
GS-CUJO 08-24-2008PM Guest Speaker Matthew 1:21     
Why Did Jesus Die? Dr. John Custis
GS-HAYE 09-21-2008PM Guest Speaker I Peter 1:18-25     
Redemption's Price Mr. Dennis Hayes
GS-UCHI 10-19-2008PM Guest Speaker II Corinthians 3:18-4:6     
The Glories of Christ, or The New Covenant Blessings Dr. Mat Uchiyama
GS-DURK 12-07-2008PM Guest Speaker I Thessalonians 5:1-11     
The Hope of Salvation Mr. Dale Durkee
GS-UCHI 01-18-2009PM Guest Speaker John 1:1-5, 14     
The Preexistent Christ Dr. Mat Uchiyama
GS-HAYE 02-15-2009PM Guest Speaker Colossians 1:9-14     
Sanctification Through Prayer Mr. Dennis Hayes
GS-PIER 03-06-2009FR Guest Speaker I Timothy 4:12     
Mr. Matthew Pierce
GS-CUJO 03-15-2009PM Guest Speaker Isaiah 61:10-11     
The Robe of Righteousness Dr. John Custis
GS-PIER 03-20-2009FR Guest Speaker I Timothy 1:8-17     
Mr. Matthew Pierce
GS-CUGA 03-29-2009AM Guest Speaker I Timothy 3:14-16     
The Necessity of Godliness and the Gospel Pastor Gary W. Custis
GS-FEPA 03-29-2009PM Guest Speaker I Timothy 6:11-12     
The Call to be a Man of God Dr. Paul W. Felix
GS-LOCK 04-19-2009PM Guest Speaker Psalm 119     
Standing Firm Against Sinners Dr. Darrell Lockwood
GS-PENT 04-26-2009AM Guest Speaker Colossians 1:15-20     
His Awesome Majesty Pastor Benjamin Pent
GS-LOCK 06-21-2009AM Guest Speaker Psalm 119     
A Heart for God's Word Dr. Darrell Lockwood
GS-BYST 06-21-2009PM Guest Speaker Isaiah 53     
The Suffering Servant Mr. Ron Bystrom
GS-WIER 07-19-2009PM Guest Speaker I Corinthians 11:23-28     
Remembering the Ground on Which We Stand Mr. Jim Wierson
GS-UCHI 08-23-2009PM Guest Speaker Colossians 2:11-15     
What Happened at the Cross? Dr. Mat Uchiyama
GS-HAYE 11-22-2009PM Guest Speaker Galatians 4:4-5;...     
Behold the Lamb Mr. Dennis Hayes
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