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1-SMWC 05-22-2005PM Special Message Matthew 6:9-13     
What Should You Request in Prayer? Pastor Will Custis
2-SMWC 07-17-2005PM Special Message Matthew 26:36-46     
The Cup of God's Wrath Pastor Will Custis
3-SMWC 10-18-2005TU Special Message James 1:2-4; I Peter 1:6-7;...     
Why do Christians have Trials? Pastor Will Custis
4-SMWC 02-19-2006PM Special Message Romans 6:5     
United with Christ in His Resurrection Pastor Will Custis
5-SMWC 04-16-2006PM Special Message I Samuel 2:1-10     
Hannah's Messiah and Ours Pastor Will Custis
6-SMWC 07-30-2006PM Special Message Hebrews 10:19-25     
Provoking One Another to Love and Good Deeds Pastor Will Custis
7-SMWC 10-15-2006PM Special Message Matthew 18:21-35     
Our Great Debt and Our Debtors Pastor Will Custis
8-SMWC 02-18-2007PM Special Message Luke 18:9-14     
The Pharisee and the Tax Collector Pastor Will Custis
9-SMWC 05-20-2007PM Special Message I Peter 3:18     
Christ Died for Sins So That He Might Bring Us to God Pastor Will Custis
10-SMWC 06-24-2007AM Special Message Selected Scriptures in Romans     
The Battle for the Mind, Part 1 Pastor Will Custis
11-SMWC 07-01-2007AM Special Message Selected Scriptures in Romans     
The Battle for the Mind, Part 2 Pastor Will Custis
12-SMWC 04-20-2008PM Special Message Matthew 27:27-54     
The Cross of Shame Pastor Will Custis
13-SMWC 07-13-2008AM Special Message Colossians 1:15-20     
Christ, the Firstborn of All Creation Pastor Will Custis
14-SMWC 09-07-2008AM Special Message Revelation 4     
The Almighty God is Worthy of Your Worship Pastor Will Custis
15-SMWC 09-14-2008AM Special Message Revelation 5     
Worship God and the Lamb! Pastor Will Custis
16-SMWC 10-19-2008AM Special Message Proverbs 3:1-12     
Wisdom's Portrait Pastor Will Custis
17-SMWC 11-16-2008PM Special Message Hebrews 4:9-11     
The Christian Sabbath Pastor Will Custis
18-SMWC 05-17-2009PM Special Message Romans 1:1-6     
The Good News Concerning God's Sone Pastor Will Custis
19-SMWC 06-14-2009AM Special Message I Corinthians 15:1-28     
What Are the Implications of Christ's Resurrection? Pastor Will Custis
20-SMWC 09-20-2009PM Special Message John 13:1-20     
Foot-washing, Christ's Glory, and Love for Others Pastor Will Custis
21-SMWC 10-04-2009AM Special Message Romans 8     
God Did What the Law Could Not Do, part 1 Pastor Will Custis
22-SMWC 10-11-2009AM Special Message Romans 8     
God Did What the Law Could Not Do, part 2 Pastor Will Custis
23-SMWC 03-21-2010PM Special Message Romans 5:12-21     
Christ's Kingdom Prevails over Adam's in This World Because of One Righteous Deed Pastor Will Custis
24-SMWC 06-27-2010AM Special Message I Timothy 3:14-16     
A Hymn to Christ as God Pastor Will Custis
25-SMWC 07-04-2010AM Special Message II Timothy 2:8-13     
Remember Jesus Christ Pastor Will Custis
26-SMWC 07-18-2010PM Special Message Mark 10:35-45     
Even the Son of Man Came to Serve Pastor Will Custis
27-SMWC 12-25-2011AM Special Message Luke 2:1-20     
The Meaning of the Manger Pastor Will Custis
28-SMWC 01-01-2012AM Special Message Psalm 19     
General Revelation, Special Revelation, and a New Year's Resolution Pastor Will Custis
29-SMWC 01-08-2012PM Special Message Selected Scriptures     
Is Courage a Christian Virtue? Pastor Will Custis
30-SMWC 01-15-2012PM Special Message II Samuel 7     
A House for God Pastor Will Custis
31-SMWC 12-30-2012AM Special Message Matthew 27:37;...     
Two Miniature Bibles and a Full-Sized Bible Pastor Will Custis
32-SMWC 01-20-2013PM Special Message John 3:1-21     
How To Be Born Again Pastor Will Custis
33-SMWC 11-17-2013PM Special Message Ezekiel 6:1-10     
Evangelical Sorrow Pastor Will Custis
34-SMWC 03-16-2014PM Special Message Psalm 32     
A Compendium of Theology Pastor Will Custis
35-SMWC 03-23-2014AM Special Message Acts 20:28-32     
A Charge to Faithfully Fulfill the Office of Elder Pastor Will Custis
36-SMWC 04-20-2014AM Special Message Matthew 28:1-8     
Why the Empty Tomb Should Make You Glad Pastor Will Custis
37-SMWC 07-20-2014PM Special Message I Corinthians 11:24     
Christ's Body is for You Pastor Will Custis
38-SMWC 07-27-2014PM Special Message Romans 16:3-5     
Fellow Workers with God Pastor Will Custis
39-SMWC 12-28-2014AM Special Message Deuteronomy 8     
Living by Every Word that Proceeds Out of the Mouth of God in 2015 Pastor Will Custis
40-SMWC 03-29-2015PM Special Message Psalm 127-128     
The One Necessary Thing for Families Pastor Will Custis
41-SMWC 04-05-2015AM Special Message Philippians 3:10-11     
Knowing the Power of Christ's Resurrection Pastor Will Custis
42-SMWC 12-27-2015AM Special Message II Chronicles 27:6     
Ordering Your Ways Before God in 2016 Pastor Will Custis
43-SMWC 03-27-2016AM Special Message Selected Scriptures     
Easter for the Bereaved Pastor Will Custis
44-SMWC 04-17-2016PM Special Message Hebrews 9:1-14     
A Cleansing Sacrifice Pastor Will Custis
45-SMWC 05-29-2016PM Special Message I Peter 5:1-4     
The Elder's Task Pastor Will Custis
46-SMWC 06-19-2016PM Special Message Hebrews 10:11-18     
By One Offering Christ Has Perfected You Pastor Will Custis
47-SMWC 09-11-2016AM Special Message Luke 18:1-8     
Persevering Prayer Pastor Will Custis
48-SMWC 10-30-2016PM Special Message Isaiah 52:13-53:12     
The Shocking Sight in the Mirror of the Cross Pastor Will Custis
49-SMWC 01-01-2017AM Special Message Psalm 1     
A Year of Blessing in 2017 Pastor Will Custis
50-SMWC 04-16-2017AM Special Message I Corinthians 1:20     
Socrates or Christ Pastor Will Custis
51-SMWC 09-17-2017PM Special Message Psalm 88     
The Saddest Psalm in the Bible Pastor Will Custis
52-SMWC 12-31-2017AM Special Message Proverbs 1:1-7     
Be Wise in 2018 Pastor Will Custis
53-SMWC 03-25-2018PM Special Message Genesis 18:14;...     
Is Anything too Difficult for God? Pastor Will Custis
54-SMWC 04-15-2018PM Special Message I John 1:1-4     
Complete Joy Pastor Will Custis
55-SMWC 05-06-2018AM Special Message Selected Scriptures     
Is Jesus God? Pastor Will Custis
56-SMWC 05-13-2018AM Special Message Selected Scriptures     
Is Jesus God? - Part 2 Pastor Will Custis
57-SMWC 12-30-2018AM Special Message Selected Scriptures     
Are You a Good Listener? Pastor Will Custis
58-SMWC 03-31-2019AM Special Message Psalm 126     
Holy Laughter Pastor Will Custis
59-SMWC 04-07-2019PM Special Message Isaiah 26:19     
An Easter Message from the Old Testament Pastor Will Custis
60-SMWC 04-21-2019PM Special Message John 16:5-15     
True Conviction of Sin Pastor Will Custis
61-SMWC 06-02-2019AM Special Message II Kings 5     
A Tale of Two Servants Pastor Will Custis
62-SMWC 07-07-2019AM Special Message Selected Scriptures     
Faith's Chief Exercise Pastor Will Custis
63-SMWC 07-28-2019PM Special Message Isaiah 57:14-21     
Where Peace Is Found Pastor Will Custis
65-SMWC 09-18-2019WE Special Message I Corinthians 11:24     
Faith with Thanksgiving Pastor Will Custis
66-SMWC 09-22-2019PM Special Message Zechariah 3     
A Filthy Garment and a Festal Robe Pastor Will Custis
67-SMWC 10-27-2019AM Special Message Philippians 3:9     
Evangelical Righteousness Excluded Pastor Will Custis
68-SMWC 10-27-2019PM Special Message Psalm 100:4     
Thankfulness, Part 1 Pastor Will Custis
69-SMWC 11-03-2019PM Special Message Psalm 100:4     
Thankfulness, Part 2 Pastor Will Custis
70-SMWC 12-15-2019PM Special Message Romans 6:1-4     
Baptized into Death Pastor Will Custis
71-SMWC 12-29-2019AM Special Message Psalm 1     
God's Plenty in 2020 Pastor Will Custis
72-SMWC 01-19-2020PM Special Message John 3:33; I John 5:10     
Let God Be True Pastor Will Custis
73-SMWC 02-16-2020PM Special Message I John 4:10     
"In This is Love" Pastor Will Custis
74-SMWC 08-16-2020PM Special Message Galatians 4:28     
Children of Promise Pastor Will Custis
75-SMWC 09-13-2020AM Special Message Selected Scriptures     
Let Brotherly Love Continue Pastor Will Custis
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